Finland Located Data Center

In order to host your website in a location which is made to resist aerial strike, EMP attacks and all sorts of disasters, then our Finnish data center is the best choice for you. Based in a former subterranean armed forces facility, it'll ensure outstanding protection for all of your sites.

Also, because of its location, this data center offers amazing online connectivity with Russia, Northern and Central Europe, and also with the world. If you'd like your websites to bring in more clients from these countries, the Finnish data center is an excellent selection.

Linux Shared Web Hosting Packages in Finland

Purchase a totally risk-free shared web hosting plan from Step2Rays Hosting and host your sites within our Finnish data center. We match the security level offered by this data center with outstanding internal network security, which is why our plans come with 99.9% server uptime and network uptime warranties. Also, they feature the ModSecurity module, which acts as a firewall against web app hacker attacks.

Moreover, by hosting your website with us, you will also get an immediate speed increase - our shared web hosting servers feature SSD drives that provide considerably quicker read/write speeds when compared to standard HDD drives. Also, you're able to make the most of our range of web site accelerators in order to further increase the running speed of your sites and applications.

Linux Semi-dedicated Packages In Finland

If you would like get a hosting solution that's both very effective and very easy to use, then our Linux semi-dedicated packages are the answer. Housed in our Finnish data center, they combine the power of a dedicated server (without the associated server management tasks) with all the user-friendliness of an ordinary shared hosting account (you are able to manage a semi-dedicated server similarly to a standard hosting account with the help of our revolutionary Web Hosting Control Panel).

All the Linux semi-dedicated packages inside our Finnish data center are provided with 99.9% server and network uptime guarantees. You'll also enjoy fantastic connectivity with the Northern European countries and also with Russia.

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