The Step2Rays Hosting Control Panel has been made to bring enhancements to the standard site administration user interface. The prior Control Panel pioneer – cPanel, was created more than a decade ago and has never experienced an essential improvement ever since. The Step2Rays Hosting Control Panel is built on the concepts of the present, providing simplicity of use and user friendliness to all website management tasks you could bring to mind.

Scroll down and review the 2 Control Panel interfaces, get to know more about their benefits and drawbacks and find out which one of them could address your preferences best.

1. Domain/billing/site tools

If you need to maintain your domain names, web sites and billing from just one web address with no need to use any extra interfaces, the Step2Rays Hosting Control Panel is simply for you.

If you require standalone site management interfaces – one for your sites, and another from which you can handle your domains and billing, then cPanel is good for you. However, you will need to log in 2 places simultaneously to successfully control your online presence.

2. File Hierarchy

Using the Step2Rays Hosting Control Panel, each web address and subdomain will have its unique folder in the root web hosting account directory. In this manner, all web sites will be fully independent from each other.

With the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll have just one hosting account for your main website and in case you’d like to include extra web sites in the very same website hosting account, they will be introduced as subfolders of your primary site. This can make taking care of multiple web sites really confusing.

3. File Manager

The Step2Rays Hosting File Manager is designed to perform just like your desktop file explorer. Including features such as drag–and–drop file file publishing, right–click navigation menus, archive/extract options, and so forth., it’ll make working with your files simple and fast. And also, there is an inbuilt WYSIWYG editor in addition to a back–end code editor.

The File Manager included in the cPanel Control Panel was updated a few times in recent times, but it still isn’t able to offer a good experience when compared to other online data file manipulation applications. You are unable to work with a drag–n–drop capability to add files, the zip/unarchive tool could be hard to rely on from time to time and also the file editing interface is restricted in options.

4. Cost–free Bonus Tools

The Step2Rays Hosting Control Panel is administered by us and incorporates a huge assortment of complimentary bonuses that might typically cost more than $1000 dollars with some other companies. You’ll have access to a huge selection of bonus themes, the Quick Site Installer, Web Applications, a PHP 1 Click Framework Installer, a set of Advanced Resources, etcetera.

The cPanel Control Panel is propagated through a commercial certificate and add–on extras are going to be incorporated at an additional cost. As a result, even if your supplier delivers 100–percent–free benefits inside the cPanel, their price is going to be included in the price tag of your hosting package. Additionally, the quantity and type of free bonus tools will vary from one website hosting company to another.

5. Control Panel Rates of Performance

The Step2Rays Hosting Control Panel runs using our very own Linux shared web hosting packages. It is optimized to work on our setup of hardware components and to function with our collection of software tools. This makes it run faster compared with any other Control Panel tool available. And it is safer in terms of performance too.

cPane is compiled to be set up on a variety of systems making use of various equipment setups. This means that, it’s not 100% geared up to operate with a certain platform, which may have negative impact on speed and reliability. Additionally, It can be even slower at times of high hosting server load.

6. Multi–domain name Control

The Step2Rays Hosting Control Panel will allow you to quickly handle various web sites in addition to their domain names from a single location. Each website is going to have its own special folder in the main directory of your web hosting account and will also be absolutely free from the rest. This way, you may use only one website hosting account to handle as many domain names and sites as you have.

If you attempt to accommodate many different domains in a cPanel hosting account, you will be facing a really confusing directory arrangement. In general, cPanel hosting accounts are created to handle one domain name. In this manner, if you want to manage 10 domains at the same time, for example, you will have to build ten different accounts. Otherwise, all of the additional domain names’ data files will be located in the directory of the primary domain name.

7. Control Panel Menu

In the Step2Rays Hosting Control Panel, you’ll be shown the most current stats for your websites and with quick shortcut icons to the key sections. And also, you are able to browse around the Control Panel, due to the top navigation bar, which includes links to all presented Control Panel sections.

The cPanel Control Panel offers all featured icons on the main page, so that it is not designed to your specific necessities. Also, as soon as you enter a menu, you are not able to immediately move to another and will have to get back to the home page instead. This sort of navigation can be quite irritating for you, particularly if you take advantage of many Control Panel sections every time you modify your sites.

8. Demo Accounts

The Step2Rays Hosting Control Panel has a feature–rich demo web hosting account. All sections are offered to you and you’ll be able to work with them to create brand–new mailboxes and data–bases, control your files, etc. If you like exactly how things look, you are able to join us straight from our demo account.

The cPanel Control Panel features a simple demo interface that does not give you access to the main site managing instruments you need to check. It’ll reveal to you how a common home page appears to be and you will have access to a small percentage of all featured menus. All other capabilities will be disabled till you enroll.

We can mention every single element of our Web Hosting Control Panel here and match it up against the cPanel Control Panel. However, it will likely be quicker if you take a look at the live demo version and discover the difference on your own.

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